Volunteer Code of Conduct

AMTA Volunteer Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct is the official code of conduct used by the AMTA National Organization. In order to participate as a volunteer, delegate, or a board member for AMTA-Illinois, a signed copy of the code of conduct must be submitted to the national office.  You can reach the submission form at this link.  Please select the option that best describes your position within the chapter.

Allegiance and Diligence: While volunteering for my AMTA Chapter, I will conduct myself in a professional manner in all activities related to AMTA. I will use the standards in this code as I carry out my responsibilities for AMTA.

Duty of Leadership: I will promote, support, and follow the AMTA Mission and strategic plan, as they pertain to my Chapter.  This requires my acting in the best interest of AMTA and its members.  I will make myself aware of AMTA policies pertaining to Chapter financial reporting obligations. I will become familiar with the bylaws, policies, Chapter standing rules, and other documents pertaining to the operations of the AMTA. I will devote the time necessary to stay current and to participate in Chapter board meetings and conference calls.

Duty of Obedience:  I will ensure that my actions are within the scope of authority as it has been delegated to the Chapters.  This requires:

  • Good faith, responsibility and diligence.
  • Notifying the National Chapter Relations Department, if I become aware of any activity that is outside the scope of authority that has been delegated to the chapter.

Duty of Loyalty:  I will act in the interest of the entire membership and not allow my personal interests to prevail over the interests of AMTA or my Chapter.  As a Chapter volunteer my obligation is to serve the interests of the members in my Chapter and AMTA, not special interest groups within the membership and AMTA.

Duty of Care:  I will be diligent in managing the AMTA’s affairs at the Chapter level. I will govern and handle chapter duties with such care as an ordinary prudent person would under similar circumstances.

As a chapter volunteer I will:

  • Pay attention to the impact of my words and communication on and with others.
  • Allow all volunteers to be heard, fully and frankly, and with respect.
  • Sacrifice my personal position for the sake of AMTA and be accountable to and accepting and supporting of the decision made by the Board as a whole when I leave the Board table.

Conflict of Interest: I will:

  • Act in the best interests of the American Massage Therapy Association, Chapter in which I serve.
  • Be honest and fully disclose actual or perceived conflicts of interest that I have regarding any matters that come before the Chapter Board.
  • Follow the AMTA’s Conflict of Interest policy.
  • Make full disclosure of training, credentials, and experience, professional intentions, and business, financial and organizational associations as they relate to carrying out chapter duties.

To avoid conflict of interest with respect to my fiduciary responsibility, I will:

  • Not use my position(s) to obtain employment for myself, family members, and/or close associates.
  • Recuse myself from dialogue, deliberation, and vote, when the Chapter Board business deals with a conflict of interest that directly affects me.
  • Immediately disclose in writing to the Chapter President, National President and Chapter Relations Staff any plans for personal involvement(s) with other massage and non-massage organizations, vendors, and/or associations that may be an actual or perceived conflict of interest to AMTA business.
  • I will not exercise individual authority over National AMTA or my Chapter except as explicitly set forth in the bylaws, policy, and or approved Standing Rules, including during interactions with the public, media, or other entities. I recognize the limitations set forth in policy and/or bylaws and will not speak on behalf of or for the Chapter Board except to repeat explicitly stated Chapter Board decisions.

Confidentiality: I will respect confidential information acquired in the course of my service as a Chapter volunteer except when authorized by the AMTA National or Chapter President, or when legally required to disclose such information.

  • I will treat as AMTA’s intellectual property, all work that is generated as part of any AMTA sponsored project including, but not limited to, National or Chapter Board and committee work and deliberation.
  • I will only publicly comment on matters of fact that have been approved to be released.
  • I will not use confidential information for my personal and/or professional advantage.

General Application of the code: I understand the National Board of Directors will regularly review the scope and implementation of the code of conduct to ensure that the code remains appropriate for AMTA Chapter volunteers.

Authority: I understand that any violation of this code of conduct may result in my removal from my volunteer position.

Return of AMTA Property: When requested, I will return National or Chapter AMTA property (information, tools or equipment) within 10 business days.

Statement of Commitment to the Code of Conduct

As a volunteer for the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), I have read and I understand the above stated code of conduct.  I agree to abide by the AMTA Chapter Volunteer’s Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, and Standards of Practice.