2018 AMTA Illinois – Continuing Education Offerings

 Your Massage Toolbox: Individual Techniques for the Cervical Spine with Mike Hovi

                          Saturday June 23, 2018 from 9am-12pm

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* Attendees will need to bring linens, lotion, table.  Attendees should wear comfortable attire, Sports bra, swim suite, halter top.

After class is the annual cookout, please feel free to stay and enjoy.

During ​this ​class, ​attendees ​will ​be ​introduced ​to ​approximately ​15-20 ​individual ​massage ​techniques ​for ​the ​cervical ​spine. ​ ​Each ​technique ​will ​be ​accompanied ​by ​a ​brief ​explanation ​as ​to ​how, ​when, ​and ​why ​each ​is ​utilized ​in ​a ​cervical ​treatment; ​what ​are ​the ​indications ​and ​contraindications ​for ​each ​technique; ​whether ​each ​technique ​is ​appropriate ​in ​a ​clinical ​based ​and/or ​wellness ​based ​session; ​and ​what ​are ​the ​anticipated ​effects ​of ​each ​technique. ​ ​Along ​with ​each ​explanation, ​a ​demonstration ​of ​each ​technique ​and ​hands-on ​practice ​time ​will ​be ​incorporated ​into ​this ​“Tool ​Box” ​class ​for ​the ​cervical ​spine. ​ ​ ​Finally, ​there ​will ​be ​a ​brief ​review ​of ​the ​cervical ​anatomy.



3 in1 Bonus: Ethics, Aromatherapy, and Business Marketing with Felicia Brown, LMBT

Saturday July 14, 2018 from 8am-5pm Register Now:

Early Bird $180 ends June 15, General Admission $200,  Non-members $220


Ethics: Dealing with Inappropriate Clients and Sexual Situations

This class will offer students an overview of ways to handle and prevent sexually inappropriate clients and situations in and out of the treatment room. We will discuss common red flags of inappropriate clients and ways to diffuse potentially inappropriate client situations. We’ll also look at ways massage therapists may unknowingly or unintentionally sexualize a massage or create uncertainty/distrust with clients as well as how to communicate more clearly to prevent miscommunication and misinterpretation of intent during a massage.  


Aromatherapy 101

Join Felicia Brown, LMBT for a fun, informative primer on the basics of adding aromatherapy to your massage, spa or wellness practice. Adding aromatherapy to your menu and tool box can be much simpler and more affordable than you think. With the addition of just a few oils, ideas and recipes, you can make every treatment more enjoyable, effective and profitable. Attendees will receive a FREE recipe booklet and take-home product from Bon Vital.


Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage & Wellness Business

Many massage, spa and wellness professionals fail to market themselves effectively due to a number of factors. One common complaint is not having enough money. Though many advertising opportunities are costly and simply out of reach for many practitioners, there are many free and inexpensive ways to attract new clients and stay connected to existing contacts, patients and clientele. Join Business and Marketing Coach Felicia Brown, LMBT for 3 hours of practical, profitable promotions, actual case studies and other creative ideas to fill your appointment book and bank account.


Sponsored by AMTA-IL Chapter with instructor Sarah Preusker

REFLEXOLOGY CLASS – Lymphatic System

“Manzanares Method of Reflexology”

December 1, 2018  9am-6pm    $160.00 but ONLY $20 down*

Located @ Tribe, 1819 W Belmont, Chicago, Il. 60657

8 CE’s approved by ARCB and Sponsored by AMTA, NCBTMB available.

The Manzanares method of Reflexology course offers the opportunity to understand the latest science behind reflexology. You will work with a partner and learn to apply precise reflexology technique on the feet. Prepare to give and to receive! Use this technique to enhance client-care and self-care. Class focus is foot reflex point locations for the lymphatic system.


Register Now:


* Cost of class: $20 down and remainder $140 due by December 1, 2018. 

Confirmation email will follow to provide all details and payment instruction/options. Payment made easy and can also be paid at the class to Sarah Preusker.


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