Government Regulations

IDFPR Massage Therapy Practice Act 

IDFPR Rules and Regulations  

National Advocacy

For what is happening nationally, you should check the Advocacy Action Center on National AMTA website. There you can connect to Advocacy notices that may affect massage therapy and directly contact your legislative representatives. You may also be interested in the Advocacy News Archives for more information.

Recent Legislative State Changes 

  • January 1, 2022 The Massage Therapy Practice Act Section 50 mandates that “A massage therapist shall include the current license number issued by the Department on all  advertisements…” This includes cards, and signs.
  • 2020 —
    • IDFPR mandated that the 24 CE are no longer distinguished between self-study and hand-on. Therefore, all 24 CEs can be done self-study, online etc.
    • Every licensed profession in the state of IL must have 1 CE on Sexual Harassment Prevention to renew their license.

Legislative State News 

  • There is a bill that was introduced to the State Congress to create licensure for Asian Bodyworkers. The issue that we are asking to change in the bill is that massage therapists be exempt. If it goes through as written, massage therapists who also do Shiatsu, gua sha, acupressure and other Asian bodywork will also need to obtain an Asian Bodyworkers license. Currently, the bill is on hold and is not at present proceeding. We are keeping an eye on this bill.