AMTA-IL Chapter Awards Program

Request for Recognition Recommendations for the AMTA-IL Chapter

Submission Deadline: Dec 1, 2023-Jan 31, 2024
Recipients Recognition Ceremony during IL State Conference: March 9, 2024

Annual Recognition offers the opportunity to celebrate the outstanding work of Massage Therapists in Illinois.  Now is your chance to express the acknowledgement of a comrade, an educator, student or yourself who has contributed to the whole of our Massage Therapy Profession.

Here are the Nominating Recognition Categories:


To openly honor an AMTA-IL Chapter Member, acknowledging diligent volunteerism done in a generous manner and deserving of National recognition. Recipient must be an active AMTA-IL member. They will be honored at National Conference and they will receive travel expense, per diem, and two-days stay.

Student of the Year

To openly honor a Student who has provided exceptional accomplishments in one or more of the following areas: 1) Community Building, 2) Community Volunteerism, or 3) Educational Advancement. Must be a Student at the time of service. Recipient can be of the larger massage community; not required to be an AMTA-IL member.

Educator of the Year

To openly honor and acknowledge a Massage Therapy Educator who has provided inspiration and respectful leadership for their students’ continual growth & knowledge. Recipient can be of the larger massage community; not required to be an AMTA-IL member.

How to Nominate

Please send answers to the following items and any supporting documents to For more information call the Chapter Office 847-430-0203.




Optional Supporting Documentation: (Please include any letters of recommendation, testimonials and/or other materials that support the Nominee. This information is useful in determining the appropriate recipient.)

Please send nomination and supporting information to