2018 Assembly of Delegates Meeting Report

2018 AOD(Assembly of Delegates) Meeting Report


Submitted by: Becky Schwoebel

                     AMTA IL Chapter, Delegate

Hello Illinois Members,

First I would like to say how honored I am that I was able to take part in and represent the Illinois Chapter members at the first AOD meeting held Wednesday, August 8, 2018.  It was truly an exciting learning experience I would encourage all members to attempt to become a part of it. The input received there will make a difference in the massage profession.

If you are not aware the HOD (House of Delegates), has been converted into the AOD (Assembly of Delegates).  This format is less formal but still quite structured while under the charge of the moderator, with table discussions before statements to the entire AOD.  Along with this change comes the ability to have researchers do proper research on the proposed position statements if the Assembly deems the statements worthy and passes them.  They may and probably will change from the original position statement seen and passed by the Assembly with the core remaining the same. When completed the statements are then properly prepared for publication.

This year there were two Position Statement topics proposed and one discussions topic. The two position statements were:

1) Massage and Osteoarthritis of the Knee

It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage therapy may help reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.

2)Massage and Pediatric Populations

It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage therapy may be beneficial for pediatric populations within the hospital setting.

The discussion topic was:

Massage and Integrated Healthcare

  1.     a) “Massage as a component of Integrative Healthcare” was accepted as a position statement last year.  We know this is true because other professionals have been administering massage as a component of their health care delivery.  How do we make certain that massage therapists are contributing to this comprehensive approach to care?
  2.     b) How do we know that U.S. massage therapists have the knowledge and skills to contribute to optimal patient outcomes?


As this concept does not yet have a great deal of research or supporting information yet, delegates are being asked to explore the concept and perhaps suggest ways for more research and data to be created and collected.

After much discussion both position statements were passed.  Then the delegates were given the task of selecting which statement should be given priority and sent to the committee of researchers first, and that given to “Massage and Pediatric Populations”.

Then,the discussion topic was addressed first by round table discussions with very little addressed before the whole assembly. The main ideas centered around:


1) Applying titles for Levels of educational experience

2) Cohesive education requirements

3)  Massage Therapists mobilizing and becoming a united front

4) Respect for the profession and their place in it

5) Behaving and appearing as professionals

6) Professional Licensure for all Massage Therapists

In closing I encourage ALL chapter members to not only attend the next AOD meeting, but to submit their candidacy for delegate in next available election..  It is rewarding and enlightening to hear like-minded individuals who care where our profession is, and what it could become in the future.


Thank you for the opportunity.